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About Skee's Recycling, Inc.

We Have Been in Business Since 1959! 

There are many different reasons why you should start recycling. Recycling has a lot of benefits for both financial and environmental reasons. In recent years, a better part of the population has become more aware of recycling and its benefits.

Some may do it to help save the environment and others may want to save a dollar. Either way we all win. Skee's Recycling Inc. can help you with all of your "green" needs. We can tell you exactly what we can offer you for your recycled goods.

With Skee's Recycling Inc. you can start playing your part in cleaning up the environment while putting money in your pocket. We handle a large variety of materials you can recycle, from everyday items to large pieces of equipment and scrap. If you have old recyclable material lying around, get paid for your unused items! “We Settle for the Metal”

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